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At this moment our team includes 16 permanent staff members, complemented by a number of interns and freelance staff members:


Jan Willem van Gelder
Jan Willem was trained as a development economist and has been active in the field of corporate economic research for more than 25 years. His research and consultancy experience spans a broad range of economic sectors, countries, commodity chains and CSR themes.
Hester Brink
CSR Researcher
Hester is engaged in researching sustainability in companies and financial institutions. She has a background in philosophy and political studies and she holds a master in Global Environmental Governance.
Estela Casajuana
Business & Human Rights Researcher
Estela focuses on business and human rights. She holds an LL.M. in International Human Rights. She previously worked as an independent consultant with a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, civil society organizations, international organizations, academic centres and business foundations.
Alexandra Christopoulou
Economic & Financial Researcher
Alexandra focuses on financial and trade relationships. She is an economist with a background in political science. She previously worked as an economic researcher, financial advisor and research statistician.
Anniek Herder
CSR Researcher
Anniek is engaged in researching commodity chains and socially responsible investment (SRI) policies. She is a sociologist. She previously worked at consumer NGO Goede Waar & Co.
Anselm Iwundu
Senior Consultant Governance & Sustainability
Anselm has a background in environment and energy management and has been active in the sustainability field for over 15 years. Prior to joining Profundo, he was executive director at Fairfood International. He advises NGOs and Companies on CSR and governance, fair trade, environmental and climate change issues especially as it concerns food and nutrition, water, forestry and agriculture.
Retno Kusumaningtyas
Natural Resources Management Expert
Retno's research focuses on agro- and forest commodities in South-East Asia, South America and Africa a.o.  Retno holds a PhD degree in Environment and Ecology Studies. Before she worked as a researcher for Kyoto University and WWF Indonesia.
Barbara Kuepper
Economic Researcher
Barbara focuses on financial and trade relationships. She is a physical geographer. She previously worked as information specialist at the Royal Tropical Institute and as research coordinator at Greenpeace International, where she was engaged in a broad range of campaign-relevant research. 
Milena Levicharova
Financial & Business Intelligence Specialist
Milena makes financial analyses, and focuses on modelling & forecasting. She holds a master's degree in Business Economics. Previously she worked as a Financial Analyst Associate in Bulgaria.
Anya Marcelis 
Economic Researcher
Anya researches and analyses financial and trade relationships as they pertain to various social, economic and environmental issues. She has a background in critical political economy and global commodity chains, with a focus on labour and migration.
Kanchan Mishra
SRI Researcher & Adviser
Kanchan has more than 8 years of experience in SRI research. Prior to joining Profundo, she was an engagement specialist at Robeco focusing on commodity supply chains, and UN Global Compact breaches. She has also designed and consulted ESG rating methodologies for index providers, fund managers, and rating agencies in her previous role at a research firm, She is an MBA in Finance. 
Julian Müller
Financial Researcher
Julian focuses on sustainability in finance at the regulatory and company level. He is trained in sociology and critical political economy and has worked in the NGO sector.
Peter Mufut
Financial Researcher
Peter works on research and analysis on finance, investment and tax related issues. Prior to joining Profundo, he worked several years at a bank and various impact investors (FMO, Goodwell, Terrafina). Peter holds an MBA with a focus on Finance and Investments from Erasmus University.
Michel Riemersma
CSR Researcher
Michel works as a researcher in the field of sustainable investments and finance. He is an ethicist. Previously, he has worked as an intern for the Dopingautoriteit (doping authorities), Fairfood International and the Access to Medicine Foundation.
Gerard Rijk
Senior Equity Analyst
Gerard is engaged in equity research of companies active in the agricultural value chain, in the consumer good industry and in financial sector. He has a background in macro economy and has worked before in the investment industry covering food, beverage and retail stocks as well as banks and insurance companies.
Margreet Simons
CSR Researcher
Margreet works as a researcher and advisor in the field of sustainable investments and finance. She is a sociologist. Previously, she worked as ESG anayist at SNS Asset Management, and as CSR researcher at the Consumers Association and for an NGO called Goede Waar & Co. 
Frank Warmerdam
Financial Administration
Frank takes care of bookkeeping and financial reporting. He has many years experience in financial administration. Frank not only has statistical skills, but artistic ones too, in the field of realistic painting.
Ward Warmerdam
Economic Researcher
In his research Ward focuses on China's development, its engagement with Africa and China's ethnic minorities. Ward is Sinologist with a background in economics, politics and international relations in particular as these relate to development studies.
Mara Werkman
Office Manager
Mara takes care of the website and staff administration e.g. She finished a Master in European Studies and a Bachelor in Law. Previously, she worked at Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands), for Natuurmonumenten and in the CSR team of Avenance catering.
Linnea Wikström
Business & Human Rights Researcher
Linnea is engaged in research on business and human rights and value chain development. She has a background in law, and peace & development studies and holds an LL.M. in International Law. 
Joeri de Wilde
Economic & Financial Researcher
Joeri focuses on financial and trade relationships.  Joeri is a financial economist. He previously researched the influence of private equity group reputation on the financing structure of leveraged buyouts.
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