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 Profundo means thorough, profound in Spanish


Profundo is an economic research consultancy analysing commodity chains, financial institutions and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues. We predominantly work for environmental, human rights and development organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. Media, companies and governments increasingly use our knowledge and experience as well.


The research done by Profundo is thorough and profound, but concrete, practical and reliable at the same time. We help our clients to research financial and trade relations, to document corporate irresponsible behaviour and identify opportunities to promote sustainable development.

We write reports, articles and brochures for internal use or targeting a broader public. We also provide strategic advice to our clients, organise workshops and support NGO's in discussions and partnership projects with companies and governments.


Profundo's main areas of expertise are:


Commodity chains


  • Which companies are actively involved in a specific commodity chain and what are their roles and relationships?
  • How can the various links in a commodity chain contribute to the improvement of sustainable economic development in production countries, while reducing the damage done to local communities and the environment?
  • What are the strategic possibilities for the different actors to influence commodity chains, and how can governments stimulate them to do so?


Financial institutions


  • Which financial institutions are related to a specific company, an entire sector or certain CSR issues?
  • How effective are the sustainbility guidelines used by financial institutions to evaluate investment and financing decisions?
  • How can financial institutions contribute more effectively to sustainable development objectives, and how can governments stimulate this process?


Corporate Social Responsibility issues


  • How can governments promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within commodity chains and the financial sector?
  • What are the social and environmental consequences of existing and proposed policies in the fields of economy, trade, finance and tax?
  • Which companies are related to oppressive regimes, human rights abuse or the weapons trade, either through their direct investments or through trade relations?


Information on projects covering these areas of expertise is available on this website, including many reports and media publications. Have you become interested? We kindly invite you to discuss how you and Profundo can cooperate to realise your aims with respect to environmental sustainability, human rights or social development.

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