Fair Insurance Guide 3rd update
Third update of the Fair Insurance Guide. In this report the policies of ten large insurance companies in The Netherlands with regard to a.o. climate change, health,…
Don't bank on the Bomb
Don't Bank on the Bomb provides a detailed overview of the worldwide investments in production, maintenance and modernisation of nuclear weapons. The reports contains…
Fair Finance Guide International: Underminingthe future
This case study of the Fair Finance Guide focuses on banks' investments in fossil fuels.
Benchmark Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands 2015
This is the ninth annual edition of the VBDO Benchmark Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands. This report, published by the Dutch Association…
Fair Finance Guide Sweden
The Fair Finance Guide International is the internationalized method of the Dutch Fair Bank Guide. Profundo has developed the methodology and has instructed the…

With profound research and advice, Profundo aims to make a practical contribution to a sustainable world and social justice. Quality comes first, aiming at the needs of our clients. Thematically we focus on commodity chains, the financial sector and corporate social responsibility....

November 20, 2015
LibreRed (Spain): La banca española financia las armas nucleares de EEUU y Reino Unido

November 19, 2015
Fair Insurance Guide 3rd update

November 19, 2015
HispanTV (Spain): ‘Bancos españoles financian armas nucleares de EEUU y Reino Unido’

November 18, 2015
Societe Generale (France): Societe Generale commits to the fight against climate change

November 16, 2015
BNP Paribas (France): BNP Paribas va consacrer 15MDS € au financement de energies rwnouvables et renforcer son dispositif de gestion de risque carbone

November 16, 2015
BNP Paribas: BNP Paribas dedicates €15BN in financing for renewable energy and reinforces its carbon risk management policies

November 14, 2015
l'Humanité (France): Les vilains comptes climat des grandes banques françaises

November 13, 2015
Archivio di Sarmo (Italy): Don't bank on the bomb 2015

November 13, 2015
BankTrack: Financial institutions drop the bomb from their investment portfolio
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We help our clients to realise their sustainable ambitions, by providing tailored research and advisory services. We are working for:

  • Non-governmental organisations: research into the relationship of companies and financial institutions with social and environmental problems, policy analyses and campaign advice....
  • Financial institutions: advice on socially responsible investment policies and strategies, portfolio-research, analyses and data on SRI-themes and evaluation of investment opportunities....
  • Governments and research institutes: policy analyses and evaluations, research into the relationship of companies and financial institutions with CSR themes....
  • Media: supporting research journalistic projects....


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Corporate Social Responsibility
How banks, pension funds and other financiers are investing has a strong impact on sustainable development ...International trade in food, mineral and energy commodities is of strong importance for human and environment ... Companies and financial institutions aspiring to operate in socially responsible way, have to be prepared to make choices ...
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